ACTIVITYWhat we do
Multi-paradigm Diagnostic
Methods & Systems
We develop computer-aided image, model and signal-based diagnostic systems for comprehending clinical problems, selecting proper analysis modalities, optimising image and non-image data acquisition protocols, developing personalized physiological models, formulating computarised assessment methods and integrating measured and generated patient data, clinical assessment of methods and training.
Benefits offered by CISTIB
  • We can converse bilingually in clinical and technological terms thanks to our focus on bio-engineering with a view to clinical translation.
  • We carry out applied research in close collaboration with industry which requires diagnosis of clinical problems and the best, fastest and most precise course of treatment to follow.
  • We help the health service to make the most efficient use of its resources, providing support to professionals in the decision making process.
Example Project

TechnologiesVirtual Physiological Human: Dementia Research Enabled by IT. (Integrated project FP7-ICT-2011, European Commission

VPH-DARE@IT aims to provide a systematic, multifactorial and multiscale modelling approach to understanding dementia onset and progression and enable more objective, earlier, predictive and individualised diagnoses and prognoses of dementias to cope with the challenge of an ageing European society. As overall coordinators, CISTIB will help to deliver the first integrative and validated multiscale modelling platform for biomedical research and clinical decision support in dementia



Collaborating Organisations