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Translating Research into Pre-Clinical Prototypes

Translating Research Workshop sm

Oct 20th to 24th 2014  

Software Tools & Skills for Translating Research into Pre-Clinical Prototypes

Hands-on Course, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

Bridging the gap between world‐class research and professional software development to deliver the next generation of computational imaging software prototypes for clinical translation
Translating Research into Pre-Clinical Prototypes

Oct 20th to 24th 2014

Sheffield, UK

Bringing Researchers and Software developers together to deliver better research prototypes and translation. Some of the goals of the workshop will be:
  • Get advice on how to bring your VPH research project to life from top Academics and Software Professionals with extended experience in the area
  • Experience the whole Software Development Life cycle from conception to validation, guided through a real use case
  • Learn the basic Software Development Techniques  that will make a whole difference
  • Influence the Workshop content to meet your expectations