ACTIVITYWhat we do
Image-based Optimisation
of Medical Devices & Implants
CISTIB develops methods for medical device modelling and the virtual implantation process, device selection techniques and customisation of properties or settings, assistance in designing and assessing medical devices and implants through numerical simulations, image-based interdisciplinary surgery for developing devices and assessment using medical images.
Benefits offered by CISTIB
  • We help to design and evaluate medical devices and implants through modelling and simulation techniques which in turn result in a direct benefit for industry in the medical technology sector.
  • We help personalize medical devices and implants according to the patient’s characteristics.
Example Project

Integrated Biomedical Informatics for the Management of Cerebral Aneurysms.(Integrated project FP6-IST-2004, European Commission)

The @neurIST project, is a Large Scale Integrated Project financed by the Sixth Framework Programme. The project sets a new paradigm for understanding cerebral aneurysms thanks to the integration of different computational systems.

As overall coordinator, CISTIB is responsible for developing part of this project which brought together more than 30 European technological centres and companies, 3 centres in North America and 1 centre in New Zealand. This is an example of CISTIB’s possibilities and areas of activity as well as its network of contacts and the institution’s potential.


optimisation of medical devices and implants
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