TRANSLATION Who we target
Who we target

Image-based technology transfer can be generated within the framework of different local, national and international industrial sectors. CISTIB has identified various target sectors:

Diagnostic and Patient Care Service Providers
Public and private organizations that deal directly with patients, including regional healthcare agencies. They seek to improve diagnosis and treatments by incorporating information technology (IT) to the healthcare sector. In particular, they aim to improve diagnosis and computer-aided interventional planning.

Benefit provided by CISTIB

  • We provide them with new tools for clinical research, diagnosis and treatment.
  • We improve the results of diagnosis, planning and administration of treatment.
  • We help them to offer patients more advanced health care.
  • We improve efficient use of healthcare resources.
Prevention, Diagnostic and Therapeutic System Providers
These are companies that develop biomedical signal and image capture systems with applications in prevention, diagnostics, treatment and monitoring for diverse illnesses and pathologies and who are interested in having computerised systems for image-based assessment, merging, modelling and surgical guidance.


  • We provide these companies with our image-based computation and modelling expertise.
  • We help them to develop new integrated and customised systems for patient care throughout the healthcare cycle.
Medical Technologies and Product Providers
These are companies developing new treatment strategies based on new medicines or medical devices. Medical images and their analysis have a vital role to play as mechanisms for planning, administering, monitoring, evaluating and conducting in silico tests for these new therapies.


  • We assist these companies in reducing the time-to market for technological products.
  • We reduce the need for animal and human testing thanks to computer-aided experiments.
Contracted Research Organisations (CROs)
Organisations whose mission it is to facilitate clinical testing in areas such as information flow management, public registration, legal and ethical issues etc. The pharmaceutical (medicines), medical implants and devices (medical technology) sectors are witnessing the growing influence of the image as a key element in these clinical tests.


  • Experience in biomedical information systems and advanced analysis of biomedical imaging and signals.
  • We help extracting, compiling and exploiting relevant clinical information in certain tests.
  • We are a strategic technological partner.
ICT industry as applied to healthcare
ICT companies aim to develop methods, systems and platforms for storing, visualising, transmitting, processing, analysing and assessing medical images and bio signals.


  • We support these companies by providing R+D, methods and prototypes of computerised image modelling systems.
  • We also provide them benchmarking and viability studies that will help demonstrate the potential for penetration in the biomedical sector for cross-section technologies.