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Biomedical Information
Management and Systems
These are systems for managing biomedical information such as patient data, whether in terms of primary or original data (e.g. medical histories, radiological information, etc.); secondary or derivative data from analysis and exploitation; or even metadata associated with patient’s genetic or therapeutic information.
Benefits offered by CISTIB
  • We give technological support to the various Catalan health system’s key players in their efforts to digitalize their information and its later exploitation.
  • We use the information obtained to develop innovative information management systems.
  • We develop systems which integrate computer assisted services, image diagnosis systems and surgical planning methods for healthcare centres and hospitals.
Example Project

Researching Interoperability using Core Reference Datasets and Ontologies for the Virtual Physiological Human. (STREP Project, FP7-ICT-2009)

RICORDO for the Virtual Physiological Human is a European project from the 7FP. In coordination with the VPH Network of Excellence (NoE) and ELIXIR projects, the RICORDO plan aims to:
1. Identify properties in common among VPHDMs. / 2. Apply unique standard descriptor identifiers (IDs) to these properties. / 3. Set up communal methodologies for the local annotation of VPHDMs using these standard IDs.
A Core set of Reference Databases and Ontologies (CORDO) will bring together well established biological dictionaries to provide a communal space of stable identifiers (IDs).

biomedical information management and systems
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