ACTIVITYWhat we do
High Throughput Image Analysis
for Pharmaceutical Industry
We develop high throughput image analysis system for quantification of structural and functional evolution of cells, tissues and organs using multimodal image analysis.
Benefits offered by CISTIB
  • We develop robust and reliable biometric systems for developing large scale population studies for drug effectiveness trials (e.g. in clinical trials Phase II to IV)
  • We promote technology transfer to industry by continuously tracking market needs and by providing solutions to meet those needs through our applied research.
  • We help the pharmaceutical industry with drug effectiveness testing through the development of image analysis systems.


Example Project

Convergencia de Tecnologías Médicas para la Gestión Integral del Remodelado Cardiovascular. (CENIT Program, Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology)

cvREMOD is a recent success in our laboratory. CISTIB and Grupo Hospitalario Quirón formed a vast multi-sector consortium in order to improve results in transfer of basic and applied research to the Health Technology industry. The scientific goal of cvREMOD is to use new imaging and modelling technologies to quantify and comprehend cardiovascular remodelling mechanisms and, thus, help in:

1. Diagnosis.

2. Improvement of knowledge of patho-physiological mechanisms.

3. Optimisation of planning and personalised decision-making.

4. Improvement of follow-up and disease prevention.


High Throughput Image Analysis
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