ACTIVITYWhat we do
Interventional Planning
& Guidance Methods & Systems
We develop new technologies that help the surgeon or interventional radiologist to plan or guide surgeries and minimally invasive interventions, covering a wide variety of aspects and exploiting imaging techniques and patient-specific computational modelling.

This includes aspects of multimodal integration, obtaining roadmaps for intraoperative navigation, registering of pre-op and intra-op information, localising instruments and equipment in surgery, developing enhanced visual systems, systems for implanting virtual devices, integrating simulation technologies with interventional planning platforms, training simulators, etc.
Benefits offered by CISTIB
  • We help to plan and customise each specific patient’s operation through the research we carry out at CISTIB.
  • We increase the probability of a successful operation.
  • We help to reduce the patient’s post-operative side effects.
  • We improve the effectiveness of the treatments carried out and definitively improve the patient’s quality of life.
Example Project

Personalised & Integrated Cardiac Care: Patient-specific Cardiovascular Modelling and Simulation for In Silico Disease Understanding & Management and for Medical Device Evaluation & Optimization. (Integrated project FP7-ICT-2007, European Commission)

The euHeart project is a Large Scale Integrated Project from the 7FP designed to develop information technology tools to create cardiovascular models in-silico, specific to each patient. These tools provide greater understanding of the disease and help to optimise medical device implantation.


Interventional planning and guidance methods and systems
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