CISTIB cloud

CISTIB cloud enables our research team and partners to access a flexible environment that provides HPC and GPU capabilities on the cloud. Our team has considerable expertise in cloud cost/benefit analysis that enables us to select the best configuration for the needs of our research team and partners.

We also make extended use of the cloud to provide access to our research and clinical prototypes via cloud desktops. This way our users can provide continuous feedback at the same time that they get the benefit of instant deployment of the new release, reducing the whole development cycle and increasing the number of interactions what benefit both, users and prototypes.

CISTIB VPH-DARE@IT Research Platform


High Performance
Computational Platform
CISITIB cloud being our major platform we recognize the benefits of HPC physical computational platforms in several scenarios. As a member of the Insigneo Institute for insilico Medicine and the University of Sheffield we can take advantage of the ICEBERG infrastructure, when it provides a better fit for the requirements of our reserarch team and partners.