Ning Bi

Ning Bi

Ning Bi received her B.Sc. in Computer Science from ShanghaiTech University, China in 2019. During this degree, she mainly studying Computer Vision, from classical approaches to advanced deep-learning-based ones. In the meantime, she also joined Shanghaitech Vision and Intelligent Perception(SVIP) LAB as a research assistant. The projects she enrolled in are focused on developing deep-learning methods in Object Detection and Object Tracking. In 2019, she joined CISTIB (Computational Imaging & Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine) as full fund PhD student co-supervised by Prof. Alex Frangi and Dr Ali Gooya.

Research Interests:

The current project I am working on is about CVDs abnormality detection. My research interests including but not limited to Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Medical Image Analysis.

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