PEOPLE Core Academics
Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science
Computational Modelling
Cardiac Arrhythmias
Exercise Intolerance.
Associate Professor
Tribology - Corrosion
Biomaterials - Surface Engineering
Biomedical Devices
University Academic Fellow
Computational Modelling
Cardiac Arrhythmias
Multi-scale Analysis
Non-invasive Diagnostics
Cellular and Organ Biology
Cardiovascular Imaging
Design of X-ray dose control systems
Associate Professor
Manipulation Planning
Motion Planning - Grasping
Diamond jubilee Chair

RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies
Computational Medicine
Image-based Biomechanics
Machine Learning - Deep Learning
Big Health Data Analytics
Professor of Ultrasonics and Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems
Associate Professor
Medical Engineering
Medical Devices
Spine and Hip
Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Scientific Computing - Numerical Algorithms
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Finite Element Methods
Reduced Order Models
Uncertainty Quantification
Cardiovascular Modelling
Computational Brain Diseases
Computational Neuroscience
Brain Machine Interface
Lecturer in Computing
Medical Image Computing
Machine Learning
Digital Pathology Image Analysis
Lecturer in Computer Science
Machine Learning
Computational Medicine
Senior Research Fellow
Health Data Science
Electronic Healthcare Records
Applied Health Research
Prognostic Models
Machine Learning
Parallel Computing - Linear Algebra
Numerical Analysis
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance -Imaging (MRI)
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)
Diffusion MRI
Preclinical Imaging
Associate Professor
Medical Simulation
Computer-Assisted Interventions
Medical Image Computing
Surgical Simulation
Computational Biomechanics
Senior Research Fellow
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI - Heart - Cardiac - Diffusion
Microstructure - Tissue Characterisation
Chair in Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Surgical Robotics - Robotic Endoscopy
Robotic Actuators - Magnetic Manipulation
Medical Capsule Robots
Small Scale Design and Manufacturing
Medical Robotics
Lecturer in Statistics
Bayesian Statistics - Data Science
Factor Models - Latent Variable Models
Learning from Multiple Data Sources
Spatio-Temporal Methods - Topic Modelling
Associate Professor
Machine-Deep Learning
Human Motion-Crowd Simulation Analysis
Human Activity Recognition Robotics
Medical Diagnostics-Molecular Dynamics
Atmosphere Modelling
Associate Professor
Body Sensor Network - Embedded Systems
Wearable Sensing
Statistic Signal Processing
Sensor Fusion - Bio-Mechanics
Machine Learning - Big Data
Gait Analysis - Rehabilitation