Isuru Wijesinghe

Isuru Wijesinghe

I am Isuru Wijesinghe, a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds, School of Mechanical Engineering.  My primary research interests lie in the broad areas of medical image analysis through deep learning in particular classification, segmentation, content-based image retrieval, and linear and non-linear optimization. In fact, I am expressly passionate about applying engineering principles in the field of Computer Science. I'm currently in my first year of PhD and my research is based on Intelligent Image-Driven Motion Management for Adaptive Precision Radiotherapy.

I hold a Degree in Master of Science (Major Component by research) of Engineering, specialized in Medical Image Analysis through Deep Learning from the University of Moratuwa.  Additionally, I hold a Degree of Bachelor of the Science (Honours) of Engineering, specialized in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Moratuwa.

During my MSc research, I have developed a prediction model to classify severity level of Diabetic Retinopathy using retinal images through an ensemble of deep CNNs and then extended this classification model to a content-based image retrieval model architecture to search the collections for retinal images that have characteristics similar to the case(s) of interest. Moreover, I've involved with two collaborative research projects, one is to detect wound boundaries of the diabetic patients through deep learning and the other project is to classify anomalies in Gastrointestinal-Tract through Endoscopic Imagery with deep learning. I have written several research papers during this time and they were accepted as full-paper oral presentations at 31st  ICTAI in the USA, 28th  ICANN in Germany, 19th BIBE in Greece and 05th  Mercon in Sri Lanka. Moreover, I was fortunate to win a silver award at 21st National ICT AWARDS - NBQSA 2019 for my MSc research.

Prior to commencing my MSc studies, I have worked in the software industry. I did my undergraduate internship at Sysco LABS (Pvt) Ltd. I have worked at WSO2 Lanka (Pvt) Ltd as a Software Engineer for one year and as a Senior Software Engineer for another year. Then I have worked at Linear Squared (Pvt) Ltd as a Senior Data Engineer for one year.

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