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In this section you will find a collection of reports and news about the wide range of outreach events that we have undertaken. These events are organised as part of the wider policy to communicate our research to the community of Sheffield and beyond. Alongside this we undertake these events to help to raise the profile of science and technology in schools and colleges. We are proud to show you the range of events we are involved in and to show the commitment of our entire research group to helping you get closer to the world of cutting edge research we perform here at CISTIB.

Tuesday, 02 May 2017 00:00
Sheffield Festival of Science, April 2017.
In April 2017 CISTIB visited The Sheffield College and The Oak Tree High School as part of the Sheffield Festival of Science & Engineering. Students had the opportunity to listen to interesting talks about "Technologies That Will Transform Healthcare in the Next 10 Years" and to try out different hands-on demonstrations related to virtual reality in surgery and flow simulation in aneurysms.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 00:00
CISTIB MEng student wins IMechE prizes
 Posted: Tuesday, 26 July 2016
Congratulations to Ola Mathisrud, who won both the IMechE Best Project and IMechE Best Student prizes this year.

Ola completed a thesis under the supervision of Dr Zeike Taylor entitled: Moving beyond finite elements: meshless simulation methods for solid mechanics

He graduated this week with a first in mechanical engineering.

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Monday, 23 May 2016 00:00
Taking CISTIB into Schools For the Week of Science 2016 - Edward A Cramphorn - May 2016
We are happy to be again be involved in the Sheffield Week of Science. Building on the success we had last year with our hosted event, CISTIB expanded our contribution by offering events for schools and colleges. We are happy to say that two local educational institutes took us up on the offer, Pennistone Grammar School and Chesterfield College. The team from a very broad range of backgrounds; consisting of Research Students and academics was led by Mohsen Farzi a Research Student. Our dedicated Administration Team and Academics helped to ensure that everything went ahead smoothly.
As this was our first year delivering a week of science event at schools, the organisation team developed a pair of short talks and a demonstration that allowed the students to interact with our software and try their hands at practical research. These session were supported by a seminar delivered by one of the Groups Academics on their research and the group as a whole. At our visit to Chesterfield College Dr Ali Gooya presented a talk on machine learning and its application in medical research. For the two talks research students Mohsen Farzi and Marina Costantini talked about their experiences in CISTIB. Research students Matthias Lange and Isaac Castro lead the practical demonstration. Our audience were students from the nursing course ran at Chesterfield and anyone else that was interested. The event went well with the attendees getting involved and asking in depth questions.
We then took our event to Penistone Grammar School were we presented to the physics sixth form sets. At this event Dr Zeike Taylor presented a seminar on CISTIB and personalised medicine. The team presenting was the same however at this event another research student Santiago Coelho presented his experience at CISTIB instead of Marinna Costantini. We had an excellent response with the students toughly engaging with the talks and the demonstration.
The hosted event used the framework as last year but taking advantages of new equipment available to our group and the lesson learnt from last year to develop our event. The main presentation was given by Dr Zeike Taylor. The team were impressed with the audience getting involved and engaging with the demonstration. We were very happy to have taken part in the week of science and will be looking to get involved again next year and taking what we have learnt forward to improve our outreach work. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 00:00
CISTIB Takes Part in the Café Scientific - Alejandro Frangi - February 2016

scientific coffee 1

On January 25th, Prof Frangi presented a short talk and question and answer session, as part of the Café Scientifique presentation series. The presentation took place in Chesterfield at Coffee Street. Café Scientifique is an organisation that aims to bring science to the wider community in a setting that is open environment. Alex provided a talk that explored how changing healthcare technologies will impact on future of how medical care will be delivered. Kaye Twomlow one of the organisers of the event said,
"Prof Frangi gave a wonderful talk to the Café Scientifique in Chesterfield telling us about the advances in healthcare technologies. He opened our minds to the possibilities of changes to healthcare that might happen in our lifetimes and an insight into the decisions that need to be made to bring these changes to fruition. His warmth and openness made people feel comfortable to ask questions in this informal forum."

The audience that attended was very broad and consisted of people who worked in professions that were not linked to healthcare and ranged in age from juniors to seniors. The audience was fully involved in the discussion and asked some in depth question into the science and medical topics included in the presentation. Prof Frangi had this to say on the event,
“I found the interaction with people from Chesterfield and around very stimulating. Our University arms highlights that our mission is to learn and teach; the foundational rationale for our University was that the University of Sheffield was for the people. The Cafe Scientifique and the STEM Network realise these aspirations in profound ways as they bring academics and the University to the heart of towns and schools thus making our daily efforts to contribute to society approachable and understandable to laypeople. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to more!”

The event was a success and we are hoping that this will lead to us being regularly involved with the café scientific as we think it’s an excellent initiative that helps to bring the cutting edge research that is being undertaken in university across the country.

If you would like to contact us for more information please find the details on our website.

Alejandro Frangi presentation



Friday, 22 January 2016 00:00
Dr Frangi's Visit China To Support CISTIB Alumni - Alejandro Frangi - January 2016

f city

Surrounded of colleagues, an alumni and the forbidden city – a trip to Beijing

On Dec 13-17th 2015, Prof Frangi visited the Beijing Normal University in China. The invitation came from a former PhD student of CISTIB when it was based in Barcelona, Dr Chong Zhang. Who introduced Dr Frangi to Prof Z Wu and Prof X Wang both at BNU. Chong was a former colleague of Zhongke when they were both in Singapore.

chongThis visit was to progress a joint review paper as well as to learn about the work at BNU in medical image analysis. They are both outstanding researchers with an impressive track record of journal publications also in medical image analysis. Prof Frangi had the chance to hear presentations delivered by several students from Prof Wu and Prof Wang. The trip also included time to consider possible new avenues of research and collaboration. During the visit Prof Wu and Prof Wang made display of their warm hospitality by organising a visit the Forbidden City and arrange a dinner enjoying Peking Duck and cooked home-made dumplings. Prof Frangi described the trip as “A whole new experience!”

These trips are important for CISTIB for two reasons. Firstly, it is a great way to touch base and support former centre alumni, as they represent the extended CISTIB family. Secondarily establishing international collaborations are crucial for us to continue growing as a research group and attracting talented researchers.

We hope to bring you more news on how CISTIB is establishing international connections. If you wish to get in touch please contact with the information in the contact section of this website.

Beijing Normal University


Friday, 04 December 2015 00:00
CISTIB at ICT2015 - Edward A Cramphorn - October 2015
In October as part of the VPH-DARE@IT ( project several member of CISTIB formed part of the team that attended ICT 2015 in Lisbon (link). This Event is organised by the European Commission ( to showcase the newest technology and development in the fields of Information and Computing Technology. The event consistent of an exhibition with parallel session exploring the EC policy and presentations from exhibitors, the opening ceremony was performed by Commissioner Gȕnther Oettinger (EC profile). As part of the exhibit that show cased the VPH-DARE Research and Clinical Platforms and other technology.
We presented the Research Platform and the project as a whole, alongside representatives from VTT/Combunostics (need to insert link) and Kinematics (need to insert link); who presented the Patient Care Platform and Citizen Portal and the latest generation of the Insole Insert used for collecting gait data for the lifestyle factors. We exhibited alongside other EHealth exhibits which allowed us to communicate to an audience of professionals and fellow researchers alongside the general public. ICT was also attended by the Mayor of Lisbon Antonio Costa and other notable figures.
The event allowed us to make contacts that could lead to new projects or provide the spark for new avenues of work, as well as raising our profile among the European Commission and the attendee’s. It also allowed us to see how CISTIBs work and the work of our partners reaches out to other projects, letting us understand how we fit into the big picture of eHealth, Personalised medicine and big data processing.
We are hoping to be able to take our contribution alongside our partners to ECR 2016 so watch this space for an update on how things go. If you have questions or would like to know more please get in touch.


ict video
Video presented in the event.
Thursday, 03 December 2015 00:00
CISTIB Nuffield Research Placement 2015 - Edward A Cramphorn - September 2015
Over this summer we took part in the Nuffield Research Placement (Nuffield-Research-Placements), the first time we had undertaken such a placement here at CISTIB. The Nuffield Research Placement gives the chance for secondary school students to experience what university research is like alongside the experience of university life in an active research group. The aim was that the students undertake projects that were based on current research, and to allow them to work alongside professors and other academics.
In CISTIB we opened the call for projects to our members. We are proud to say our PhD step up and proposed projects based on their own work as well as volunteered to be the student’s supervisors. This year we offered five projects and we are happy to say we had five students join us. As part of this we asked them to prepare a personnel statement as if they were applying for a position, this helped them practice this important skill.
Projects involved such topics as computational modelling, biomechanical experimental testing and image processing. As part of this the students explored using software that is crucial to our research; such as Matlab ( and GIMIAS ( our in house image process software. This allowed the students to get hands on experience with the tools that our group uses and students at the university use in there degree programs.
Alongside taking part in the active research the students produced reports written to a scientific standard that is expected from researchers. They also presented to the group on the project they had undertaken, as part of this they answered questions from members of the group. Not an easy task. This taught them the skills that engineers need to present their work and will hopefully help them in their future education or career.
All the students did brilliantly and impressed the research group with their enthusiasm and what they achieved in such a short time they were with us. We are currently looking at running the placement next year from the success of this year, so watch this space. Or if you are interested in what we do or getting involved please get in touch.

Monday, 30 November 2015 00:00
Diffusion UK Meeting - Edward A Cramphorn - November 2015
On the 05/11/2015 CISTIB hosted and ran a meeting of the Diffusion MRI UK Group ( Alongside this in the morning the scientific committee of the new research project OCEAN ( which is being led by CISTIB met with many of the attendees took part in the Diffusion MRI UK meeting in the afternoon.
This meeting drew together researchers from the field of Diffusion MRI this included academics and PhD students from different institutes. The day included poster and talks given by both senior academics and junior researchers working on the characterisation brain microstructure by means of diffusion MRI. The event was held in the Graduate Teaching Building of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sheffield (
Diffusion MRI is a technique that allows to study the movement of water molecules in human tissue, both in vivo and non-invasively. This is useful for depicting tissue integrity and detecting early changes that may consequently lead to neurodegenerative pathologies such as Alzheimer’s. The meeting had a particular focus on these topics and their application. This has a great potential to investigate the interrogation of tissue improving our understanding of how neurodegenerative diseases and changes in tissue structure affect the body.
Presenters included Marc Jones (KCL), Fenglei Zhou (Manchester University), Jonathan Clayden (University College London), Jacques-Donald Tournier (KCL), and Andrada Ianus (UCL). The event had approximately 50 participants either presenting posters or attending the event. The day was led by Leandro Beltrachini (CISTIB, The University of Sheffield).
The event was a success, the excellent attendance and the quality of the posters and the presentations were engaging and explored the facets of Diffusion MRI. The meeting allowed the attendees to exchange of ideas and the fostering of future collaborations. Please, get in touch if you would like to know more.

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 00:00
Erasmus Student 2015 - Catarina Pinto, Pedro de Olivera, Ricardo Araujo - July 2015
In 2015 three portuguese Erasmus Research students, Catarina Pinto, Pedro de Olivera and Ricardo Araujo, made a 6 months research stay at CISTIB, this vshort video prepared by themselves shows their experience in Sheffield.

Monday, 06 July 2015 00:00
International Clinical Trials' Day 2015 - Edward A Cramphorn - Sheffield - March 2015
A group from the CISTIB team including PhD Students, our software team and Erasmus student, manned a stall at the medical school. We made use of our laparoscopic game and had videos provided from our software team to communicate how advancing technologies in imaging and simulation can contribute to clinical trials. The event was attended by the public and those who attended ranged from professionalsand students, to those who are taking part in clinical trials. The game saw a lot of interests and the public were excited to here how our work and engineering is contributing to medical advances.
Friday, 03 July 2015 00:00
Sheffield Festival of Science & Engineering - Edward A Cramphorn - Sheffield - March 2015
A team from CISTIB lead by Ali Gooya organised our contribution to the University’s Week of Science. We organised a combined seminar and exhibit, which included an interactive laparoscopic surgery game, poster of our current research and a mini talk by our in house software development team. Our researchers and students were present to engage everyone and answer questions from visitors. The event was headlined by a talk from our group’s director Professor Alejandro Frangi, entitled ‘The Virtual Physiological Human’. We had a wide range of the public in attendance and received excellent feedback. For video of event follow the link:
Festival of Science 2015
Thursday, 25 June 2015 00:00
Public Engagement Competiton 2015 - Edward A Cramphorn - June 2015
This year we have taken part in the Faculty of Engineering Public Engagement Competition. The challenge set was to submit an idea to a panel of judges for a public engagement exhibit. This was supposed to be to an exhibit that can be used for a wide range of events for a large group of different audiences.
A large team from the group took part consisting of researchers, students and support staff. We passed the application phase and proceeded to the dragons den phase where two of our team pitched our idea to a mixed group of representatives from the faculty of engineering. We passed the dragon den receiving funding to produce our exhibit with support from the research group.
We produced two items VIPER (Virtual Interactive Patient ExpeRience) consisting of a user lead presentation system and the IPPB (Interactive Patient Presentation Banner) a roller banner with linked QR codes that allow the viewer to view short presentation videos on youtube.
We supported this with a range of flyers and give away material to allow a take home message. We attended the final judging that was held at the University of Sheffield Engineering Symposium, which was an open event ran at the university. We are proud to say we came in a close second. We are aiming to refine our exhibit and move forward with the exhibit we produced.
Public engagement

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