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Computational Precision Imaging for Next-Generation Regulation of Medical Products. Professor Alejandro F Frangi, 8 November 2022.

In this talk, I will overview our progress in the INSILEX Programme.

We envision a paradigm shift in medical device innovation where quantitative sciences are exploited to carefully engineer medical device designs, explicitly optimize clinical outcomes, and thoroughly test side effects before being marketed.
INSILEX is underpinned by Computational Medicine, an emerging discipline devoted to developing quantitative approaches for understanding the mechanisms, diagnoses, and treatment of human disease through the systematic application of mathematics, engineering, and computational science.
Dealing with the extraordinary multi-scale complexity and variability intrinsic to human biological systems and health data demands radically new approaches compared to methods for manufactured systems. Within this framework, INSILEX extensively uses medical image computing, a mature field challenged by the progress made across all medical imaging technologies and more recent breakthroughs in biological imaging.

We advocate for “Precision Imaging”, not as a new discipline but as a distinct emphasis in medical imaging, unifying the efforts behind mechanistic and phenomenological model-based imaging. This talk summarizes and formalizes our vision of Precision Imaging for Precision Medicine and highlights connections with past research and our current focus on large-scale computational phenomics and in silico clinical trials.

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