Prof Andy Scarsbrook

Prof Andy Scarsbrook

Position: Professor of Radiology

Areas of expertise: Cancer Imaging; Radiomics; Image-guided Radiotherapy Planning; PET-CT; Nuclear Medicine; CT; MRI

I am a dual-certified Consultant in Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and an Honorary Professor of Radiology at the University of Leeds. I received my specialist training in Clinical Radiology in Oxford. Subsequently, I undertook a fellowship in Nuclear Medicine and PET-CT in Oxford and at St. Thomas's Hospital in London. I have been a Consultant in Leeds since October 2006 at one of the largest imaging departments in the UK.

I am academically active and my major research interests include the role of functional and molecular imaging in oncology. I have published extensively and lecture regularly at national and international meetings.

Research interests
Key Research Topic

Functional and Molecular Imaging in Oncology Focusing on a range of applications of functional imaging to investigate:

1) Response assessment to various therapies

2) More accurate image-guided radiotherapy planning

3) Imaging biomarker-guided adaptive therapy

Optimal application of state-of-the-art imaging has major potential to impact patient outcomes in oncology through improved diagnosis, treatment stratification and response monitoring across a range of cancer types. This is particularly relevant in tumour sites for which improvement in outcomes have lagged behind advances in other areas, e.g. brain tumours, lung cancer, and some gastrointestinal tumours, sites that overlap with strategically important research priorities at the Leeds Cancer Centre.

Leeds has recently been identified as an Emerging Centre of Excellence for radiotherapy research (one of seven in the UK) through an external peer-reviewed assessment process led by the National Cancer Research Institute Clinical and Translational Radiotherapy Research Working Group (CTRad) group. Radiotherapy-related imaging research was assessed as nationally competitive but only meeting one out of four criteria required to achieve an internationally competitive level. I am a core member of the Radiotherapy Research Group led by Professor David Sebag-Montefiore (LICAP) and have led the development of an academic imaging infrastructure to support cancer research in Leeds.

Bachelor of Medical Sciences 1994
Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery 1996
Fellowship of the Royal Colege of Radiologists 2003
Professional memberships
British Society of Nuclear Medicine
Royal College of Radiologists
European Society of Radiology
Radiological Society of North America

Student education

Supervision of BSc/MSc Students - Molecular Medicine/Medical Imaging

Lecturer on BSc/MSc Medical Imaging Courses


Co-supervisor of PhD Student (CDT - Engineering)

West Yorkshire Radiology Academy Teaching

Research groups and institutes
Leeds Institute of Medical Research at St James's
The Radiotherapy Research Group

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