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Left Ventricle bilinear model
Left Ventricle bilinear model


Statistical shape model of the left ventricle built using bilinear decomposition. The model consists of a non-manifold mesh of 2 cardiac components (lateral wall and septal wall). An epiendo label indicates whether a vertex belongs to the epi- or endocardial surface. The model contains 96 modes of variation for the subjects and 9 modes of variation for the phases, explaining 90 percent of variation on each axis. The model was constructed from all 15 phases of 134 subjects. Five iterations of Procrustes alignment were applied to the end-diastolic shapes; the obtained transformations were then applied to all 14 remaining shapes of the subject. Parameterizations for the phases are included. More detail on the model elements can be found in the paper with DOI 10.1007/s11263-009-0212-6.
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A high-resolution atlas and statistical model of the human heart from multislice CT., Hoogendoorn C, Duchateau N, Sánchez-Quintana D, Whitmarsh T, Sukno FM, De Craene M, Lekadir K, Frangi AF. IEEE Trans Med Imaging. 2013 Jan; 32(1):28-44.