VPH-SHAREOur Contribution

CISTIB contribution to VPH-Share is mainly focused on WP6, which we lead, where the VPH-Share front-end is being developed (http://portal.vph-share.eu), as well as all the workflows capabilities that facilitate the composition, validation and execution of complex biomedical workflows. We also have an important contribution on WP5 as responsible for the @neurist flagship workflow (http://vph-share.eu/content/aneurist-workflow) and its integration on VPH-Share.


Technical reports




Workflows Services and tools: This document describes CISTIB’s contribution on the development and integration of workflows services and tools that enable VPH-Share users to develop, test and validate complex workflows, also taking advantage of other key components of the VPH-Infostructure: The Master Interface, the Cloud Manager and the Data services.


Project deliverables




D6.5: Production Deployment of User Access Systems






VPH-Share Taverna Plugin execution the @neurist Workflow

VPH-Share and Taverna On-line integration



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VPH-Share is the product of a joint effort of different institutions that are already formal partners of the VPH-Share project (http://www.vph-share.eu/content/consortium) but also we need to acknowledge other institutions that have provided key support for achieving our goals:

Taverna  http://www.taverna.org.uk/ High Performance Computing Online http://onlinehpc.com Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences http://www.iitp.ru/en/about