Dr. John Vardakis

Dr. John Vardakis

Dr John Vardakis joined the Centre for Computational Imaging and Simulation Technologies in Biomedicine (CISTIB) at the University of Leeds in December 2019, as a Research Fellow in Image-based Computational Modelling in Cardiology. He will be part of the InSilc project, where he will assist in the development of image-based models of the coronary vasculature and the simulation of coronary flow dynamics.

Previously, John was a Senior Research Associate to Prof. Yiannis Ventikos (in the field of Brain Biomechanics) at University College London (2014-2019). His main focus whilst occupying this position was the development of a computational framework that aided in the understanding of cerebral diseases arising from Dementia. The foundations of the mathematical modelling that he worked on revolved around Multiple-Network Poroelastic Theory, adapted to patient-specific cases and simulated through a combination of CFD and in-house FEM-based numerical templates. John participated in the VPH-DARE@IT project (2013-2017), that delivered the first patient-specific predictive models for early differential diagnosis of dementia and its evolution. Additionally, he also collaborated with the UCL Institute of Neurology, to work on the Epilepsy Navigator project (2015-2016). His role involved the conceptual redesign and feasibility study of mechanical components and procedures allied to the Stereoelectroencephalography electrode placement. In the last couple of years, his research also focused on plant mechanobiology and high energy plasma hydrodynamics applications.

John holds a D.Phil (Ph.D) in Integrative Cerebral Dynamics from the University of Oxford (2010-2014). His DPhil was supervised by Prof. Yiannis Ventikos, and both structured and funded through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Healthcare Innovation (2009-2010). He completed the Science Innovation Plus programme in the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Said Business School (University of Oxford, 2011-2012) as part of his D.Phil studies, and received his B.Eng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from King's College London in 2008. His final year project was supervised by Prof. Kaspar Althoefer (modelling of tool-environment interaction dynamics during laparoscopy). He was awarded the Siemens Prize (1st), King's College Engineering Society Centenary Prize and Gilbert Cook Bursary during his studies.

Research Interests

Integrative Brain Biomechanics, Plant mechanobiology, Haemodynamics & Biomechanics of Vascular Disease, Surgical techniques in cerebral/cardiovascular applications, Computational Fluid Dynamics, c/d Galerkin Methods, Numerical/Functional Analysis, Remodelling, Spinal Cord Injury, Cardiovascular Disease, Multiple-Network Poroelastic Theory, Transport Phenomena in Energy Generation, Dementia, Agent-Based Modelling, Cellular Biomechanics, Epilepsy.

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