Mr. Vignesh Rammohan

Mr. Vignesh Rammohan


Vignesh Rammohan joined CISTIB as a Scientific Software Developer in June 2013. As SSD team member he is currently working on the VPH-DARE@IT project, implementing scientific workflows on the cloud platform in collaboration with researchers, technologists and engineers from various partner institutes and industries. Earlier he was engaged in the MySpine project’s user interface development and integration. He is also responsible for the development and integration of scientific workflows into the CISTIB’s clinical prototypes such as Angio Suite.

He started his career as a Software Engineer for a pressure and flow sensor manufacturer in Germany. Before joining CISTIB he worked in the Computer Science department at the University of Wuerzburg, Germany as a Research Assistant. There he was responsible for the medical data evaluation task for the Cluster Medical Valley EMN Telemedicine project. His career interests lie in data processing and analysis, medical imaging and visualization and software development.

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