Dr Susheel Varma

Dr Susheel Varma

As a Scientific Workflows Coordinator for the 15m EC-funded VPH-Share project and Work Package Leader for 18m EC-funded VPH-DARE@IT, my day-to-day work involves coordinating collaborative development of software, services, workflows and institutional processes to help translate scientific research into patient-specific treatment plans.

I'm intimately involved with the software architecture, development and deployment of all technical and scientific projects, including deploying large-scale sensitivity and uncertainty analysis tools on hpc and cloud compute farms. I also help coordinate scientific and technical delivery of 25+ projects associated a various levels of maturity and healthcare domains.
Previously, for the VPH-NoE project, I was involved in the evaluation, design and deployment of federated data storage and workflow technologies for the VPH.

My doctoral work at the Kroto Research Institute, Sheffield, involved building large agent-based models of cardiac cells and tissues, where I also helped and contributed to the development two open-source projects, Flame & Chaste.

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