PEOPLE Core Academics
Cardiovascular Imaging
Design of X-ray dose control systems
Diamond jubilee Chair

RAEng Chair in Emerging Technologies
Computational Medicine
Image-based Biomechanics
Machine Learning - Deep Learning
Big Health Data Analytics
Professor of Ultrasonics and Embedded Systems
Embedded Systems
Lecturer in Computer Science
Deep Learning - Machine Learning
Probabilistic Graphical Models
Medical Image Computing
Population Imaging - Shape Analysis
Professor of Artificial Intelligence
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Scientific Computing - Numerical Algorithms
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Finite Element Methods
Reduced Order Models
Uncertainty Quantification
Cardiovascular Modelling
Lecturer in Computer Science
Machine Learning
Computational Medicine
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance -Imaging (MRI)
Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS)
Diffusion MRI
Preclinical Imaging
Associate Professor
Medical Simulation
Computer-Assisted Interventions
Medical Image Computing
Surgical Simulation
Computational Biomechanics
Senior Research Fellow
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRI - Heart - Cardiac - Diffusion
Microstructure - Tissue Characterisation
Chair in Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Surgical Robotics - Robotic Endoscopy
Robotic Actuators - Magnetic Manipulation
Medical Capsule Robots
Small Scale Design and Manufacturing
Medical Robotics
Lecturer in Statistics
Bayesian Statistics - Data Science
Factor Models - Latent Variable Models
Learning from Multiple Data Sources
Spatio-Temporal Methods - Topic Modelling
Associate Professor
Body Sensor Network - Embedded Systems
Wearable Sensing
Statistic Signal Processing
Sensor Fusion - Bio-Mechanics
Machine Learning - Big Data
Gait Analysis - Rehabilitation