WP Leader:  Dr. Rainer Thiel, Empirica, Germany

WP9 ExploitationEU-funded research is geared towards the development of new, exploitable technologies benefiting European research, health service providers, industry, and ultimately the citizen.

An early prospective impact assessment – also to guide further technological development as well as the development of realistic exploitation strategies is essential for the creation of research based innovative services, like clinical decision support systems (CDSS) which are to prevail in today’s highly competitive markets - be they “academic”/clinical trial and RTD markets, be they health services or commercial markets.

The health technology assessment (HTA) as applied and performed by this WP will serve as a support tool delivering information useful for health system actors and decision makers to allow them to arrive at more factual, evidence-based decisions and policy measures, supporting the RTD WPs in developing business cases when implementing the VPH-DARE@IT models, tools, and decision support systems.

Work Packages

  • Work Package 1

    Clinical Study Design. Clinical Verification of Models and Platforms
    WP Leader: Dr. Hilkka Soininen, University of Eastern Finland
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  • Work Package 2

    Novel imaging disease biomarkers & methods for model personalization
    WP Leader: Dr. Zeike Taylor, University of Sheffield
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  • Work Package 3

    Data Access & Disease Biomarkers from Large-scale Population Studies
    WP Leader: Prof. Sabastien Ourselin, University College London
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  • Work Package 4

    Genetic, Biochemical and Metabolic Pathways Modelling with Environmental Influence
    WP Leader: Dr. Catrin Bludszuweit-Philipp, ASD, Germany
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  • Work Package 5

    Multiscale Biophysical & Biochemical Modeling: Brai n Substrate and its Evolution
    WP Leader: Prof. Yiannis Ventikos, University College London, UK
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  • Work Package 6

    Multiscale Phenomenological Modelling: Clinical & Environment Factors
    WP Leader: Prof. Wiro Neissen, Erasmus MC, The Netherlands
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  • Work Package 7

    Biomedical Research Platform for Disease Modelling and Model Personalisation
    WP Leader: Dr. Alberto Biancardi, University of Sheffield, UK
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  • Work Package8

    Decision Support Platform for Early Differential Diagnosis & Disease Evolution Assessment
    WP Leader: Dr. Jyrki Lötjönen, VTT, Finland
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  • Work Package 9

    Technology Assessment, Market Analysis and Exploitation
    WP Leader: Dr. Rainer Thiel, Empirica, Germany
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  • Work Package 10

    Technical Management, Communication and Outreach
    WP Leader: Mr. Juan Arenas, University of Sheffield, UK
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