• What is the expected impact of VPH-DARE@IT?

    The expected impact of the project will influence the scientific, clinical and industrial communities across Europe and internationally to improve the healthcare of dementia patients.

    This will both improve patients’ quality of life, and also reduce the burden on carers and the costs of supporting people with dementia.
  • Expected Results & Impact

    VPH-DARE@IT’s aim is to enable more objective, earlier, predictive and individualised diagnoses and prognoses of dementias to cope with the challenge of an ageing European society. This aim includes the following results:

    • Novel biomedical dementia biomarkers 
    • Personalised, multi-factorial brain models, taking into account genetics, metabolism, biophysics, physiology and environmental influences
    • Advanced brain image analysis tools
    • An integrative and personalised modelling platform to support clinical research in dementia
    • A clinical platform for personalised diagnosis of dementia and assessment of treatment efficacy
    • A framework for sharing & combining data from large databases
  • Impact

    The impact of VPH-DARE@IT listed below are expected to range across the scientific, clinical and industrial communities across Europe and abroad, to improve health care of dementia patients:

    • Provide earlier personalised prognoses and diagnoses and treatment onset, meaning reduced suffering for the individual and their relatives.
    • Integrate lifestyle and other environmental factors and data with clinical, biological, and physiological factors and determine their impact on disease progression and prevention.
    • Ensure greater equality between citizens through systematic and objective diagnoses. Quality of healthcare currently depends on where someone is living and the capacities of their local hospital.
    • Estimate healthcare cost reduction based on published models of state-of-the-art treatment action. Real cost reduction will require, in addition to earlier diagnosis, an estimate of the delay in the progress of dementia achievable with future treatments.
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What is VPH-DARE@IT?

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What is the expected impact?

"The project will improve the health care of dementia patients." Read More
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